Offended? You don’t have time for that

We have all come across it before, that person in the workplace that offends you. Whether it is intentional or not you don’t have time to worry about that. The saying ‘you can’t please everyone’ has never rung more true.

You have to understand that not everyone is going to like you in the workplace and the decisions you make but that should never deter you from making your decisions and contributing to theirs. This is so important in the workplace because in order for businesses to grow and teams to

This is where self-confidence and self-validation will become your best friends. Self confidence is the realistic confidence in one’s own judgement , ability or power. Self validation is requiring no external confirmation, sanction or validation. As a professional you need to remember that you made that decision for a reason, you have maybe weighted up the pros and cons or maybe you have done lengthy research into the issue at hand. Whatever it is, you made that decision for a reason. So now is the time to back yourself, people will question it and possibly say they could have done it better.

Whether they are right or not YOU made that decision for a reason, it’s time to own it.

Take any constructive criticism on board, self-evaluate and grow from your mistakes. There is always a lesson in the decisions we make. As a leader, give constructive criticism, encourage self-evaluation and allow your team to grow as they learn. Never allow them to take things personally and offer support when needed.

How have you managed to deliver constructive criticism? Do you notice the way in which you deliver it? Has someone given you feedback for the way you deliver constructive criticism?

For a bit more reading on this topic it’s worth giving Michael Hyatt’s post a read on why we can’t afford to be easily offended.


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