Time For A Change

Struggling with understanding where you are at with your work and career? Not sure what value you’re adding to the world? So full of ideas and passion to give back to the world but know you’re in the wrong place?

I am struggling with understanding why I’ve got so much desire to give back to the world, make it a better place for future generations but no idea where to even start. There is so much noise already good and bad, so many people already doing amazing things for the world and the people in it, why do I feel so overwhemed yet unfulfilled and unsure how to get to where they are?

The world is so full of tragedy and sadness, small lives being lost so early and so little love. I am so ready and willing to start making the world a better place, bringing kindness and gratitude into just one persons day. I’m so unsure where I can fit in, I’ve got such diverse skills, passion to learn and a burning ambition to get my hands dirty but no clue where to start.

The world is also so large so why limit myself? I’m not happy with where I’m heading and how I’m getting there so it’s time to get the control back. No one else will do this for me and in order to change where I am at I need to make a change. I must also to trust the process, the best things take time and there is no rush to get to where I want to be. Trust that I will make some mistakes but find my feet again, that is okay, how else will i learn?

So I made it simple for myself, what do I want to do with my life? What do I want to be a part of while I’m here? When I’m gone what do I want to be remembered for? It was that simple. I had answered my own problem, I just needed to stand on my own two feet, make the jump from where I am now to on track to where I want to be and start making a difference today. No I’m definitely not going to bring world peace by tomorrow, or the end of week but I will make a difference to someone’s day TODAY, and tomorrow and the day after. I will actively listen to someone who has got a problem they need to share. Channel my ambition into making my dream of changing my small bit of the world rather than making someone else’s dream come true. I have no doubt I can do both, they are both making a difference but I need to stop using 100% of my ambition for someone else’s dream. I’ve got my own passions and I deserve to use that drive for myself.

There will be risks, as always but I know I’ll make more of a difference risking a little than sticking to my routine and never making a difference.

I’m a huge believer in people coming into your lives for a reason, season or lifetime and I want to start being peoples reason.

I need to remember to trust my gut, it has been telling me for quite sometime that I’m not living up to my full potential. That I’m not in the right place and that I have more to give. I should have listened but I didn’t because I thought I needed someone to tell me when the right time would be to make a change.

There is no time like the present.

I have no doubt that the next chapter will be hard, I have no doubt I will wonder why I thought that I could stand on my own two feet and try make a difference but I will need to remind myself the feeling of passion I have right now, I know this is what I’m meant to be doing and I know I’m doing at the right time (is there ever a right time?!).

Watch this space, fingers crossed as I make the step out of my comfort zone this will all work out in the end!



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